Wednesday, October 21, 2009

$15 free credit at Kodak Gallery

Kodak is giving away 300,000 free codes worth $15 at the newly redesigned Kodak Gallery. You can use the code to get free or reduced price prints. Prints are only 9 cents. They also carry gift items like photo mugs and photo books. These would make cute Christmas gifts for grandparents.

They are giving these coupons away in 3 phases with a minimum of 100,000 given away at a time:

Phase 1 (Oct 20 - Oct 28)
Phase 2 (Oct 29 - Nov 5)
Phase 3 (Nov 6 – Nov 13)

After all the codes have been given out for the current phase, you will be given a code for 40% off. However, you can try again for the $15 code in the next phase. Everyone who signs up is also entered for a trip to see a taping of the Ellen Degeneres show.

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