Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ikea Fund

Maybe you are looking to earn a few extra dollars to help with Christmas. Maybe you are saving up for something special. No matter what your intention, it is important to set goals. I have no delusions that my online activities are going to make me rich. However, they do help us to afford things that we wouldn't otherwise be able to on my husband's salary. Between various rewards programs and sweepstakes, I already have a nice start on Christmas and it is only the beginning of September. We also are able to put money aside for a special fund that is helping us get our house organized.

In our house, we have an "Ikea fund." When Ikea moved into the area, we discovered that our house could really benefit from some of their spacesaving designs. Unfortunately we can't afford to buy everything at once. So we started a fund to save for the purchases from Ikea. Every little bit of cash I earn from my activities goes into that fund. The amount from gift cards that I get are also added to the fund. For example, I recently won a $25 gas card. Gas is something that I would have to purchase anyway. So I took the $25 that I would have otherwise spent on gas and added it to the fund.

The one thing that really motivates me to grow the fund is that I have a goal already in mind for that money. It is important that your goals be attainable and specific. For instance, I was recently able to finish off my craft closet with an organizational unit from Ikea. I knew in advance what I wanted so I knew just how much money I needed to put up. I saved for it for several months. It gave me great pleasure to purchase it with cash that I had diligently squirreled away. I had printed off a shopping list from Ikea with all the parts needed and the total price. I put the list where I could see it daily. It really motivated me to put in the work daily so I could meet my goal. Our next goal for the office is a set of bookshelves. Bit by bit and room by room, our house is getting a makeover! And we aren't running up credit cards to do it!

So I encourage you to have specific goals in mind as you participate in various money-making activities on the internet. It will keep you motivated and on track.

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