Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 2009 in review


July was a pretty good month for me - over $650 earned between sweeps wins and cash earned for rewards programs. I think starting with August, I am going to start tracking money saved with coupons as well. It all adds up.

Here are some of the highlights...

  • 3rd prize in the Make your Mark with BIC sweepstakes - a Sony Cyber-Shot camera ARV $280. This was a weekly entry one. By far my biggest win this month. It was such a nice surprise since my other camera has hit the ground way too many times and has lost some of its function. My husband keeps telling me that I am not going to be able to touch this camera given the number of other cameras I have dropped and broken (3!)
  • Another Amazon gift certificate earned from searching with SwagBucks. I absolutely love this program. Tip: Set Swagbucks as your home page so you will remember to use it when you need to make a search.
  • $150 in rewards from our bank's reward point program. Ikea here I come!
  • 2 wins from the Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Instant Win game. This brings my total to $20. You can win up to 10 times. Expires March 9, 2010 so you have plenty of time to win.
  • $25 gas card and a pair of movie tickets from Enjoy the Ride. With four kids, we rarely go to the movies so this will be a nice treat. Maybe we will go see Half Blood Prince again. Incidentally, this site keeps track of all the current codes. They added a new $25 Kohl's gift certificate to the instant wins this month.
  • $50 gas card from ATT Breezin through Summer Instant Win. That will come in handy. Expires September 30.
  • $25 gift certificate to Rite Aid for transferring a prescription there. I had to get an antibiotic refill anyway so it was a nice little bonus. Too bad I was on the antibiotics because I was getting a root canal.
  • $10 Kroger gift card for being one of the first 300 in line at the grand opening of their new Fresh Fare stores
  • $1.54 from YouData. While this may not seem like much, they pay automatically by Paypal every Friday. I have only been a member for a week but have been impressed so far.
Instant win sweeps seem to have been my big earner for the month. I love sweepstakes because we get treated with lots of things we could not afford otherwise (like the new camera). It just takes lots of persistance and a little bit of luck.

Happy Earning!

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