Friday, July 10, 2009

Entertaining Traffic Exchanges

Do you get tired of the endless clicking with traffic exchanges? Then try these to liven things up a bit. They all have games to help break up the monotony of clicking and you can win bonus credits.

Deep Sea Hits

Deep Sea Hits has been online since 2004. They offer a a 10 second timer. You can add up to 10 urls as a free member. What makes this one fun is the treasure chest game that shows up periodically. You can earn free credits and banner impressions.

Traffic Roundup has been driving traffic to websites for 5 years now. What makes this one fun is their cattle roundup game. I earned 70 bonus credits the last time I completed it.

This is another great one. They will start you off with 250 credits just for signing up. While surfing, you can discover free credits and gather symbols for your game piece. If you fill a row in your game piece, you can redeem it for the listed amount of credits.

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

Hit Safari is a fun-themed one. Periodically a funny safari-themed cartoon pops up. Also you can win credits just by watching the ads. They add up quickly!

Happy surfing!

It all adds up

As a stay at home mom of 4, I have discovered that there are tons of little things you can do on the internet that over time can have a big impact on your budget. Those freebies, reward programs, and sweepstakes wins can really help supplement a limited income. This blog will be focused on all those little things you can do to help stretch a buck.